Community-Based Health Care

Health Education

Basic information provided by PEAK professionals to educate our community on ways to stay healthy, when/how to seek medical treatment, and how we as a community can initiate and maintain a healthier way of life.

Special Child Health Services

We as health care professionals understand that our children our the future. Through school-based education, community-based health fairs, and other outreach programs PEAK's goal is to help our children reach their full potentials even when they may have health care challenges. By partnering with parents, medical professionals, and schools we know that we can impact our children in many positive ways.

Early Intervention

Early intervention is an essential aspect of a healthy community. PEAK is accessible for those parents and/or medical professionals that may need additional assistance dealing with extraordinary health challenges of very young children. Our approach is the same as all other clients by addressing the needs of those children on an individual basis.

Nutritional Services

Nutritional education is another preventative method in dispelling bad habits when preparing/eating meals and understanding how our choices directly affect our health. Here at PEAK we understand that more access to education and healthier choices are key in sustaining a better quality of life for the members of our community. Thus, we incorporate ready made information on how we may impact the state of our community through nutritional knowledge and better habits.

Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress;
Working together is success.


    Respectful standby assistance when required and/or requested. Close monitoring of special occurrences/needs that may require medical attention. We understand that personal hygiene is an essential aspect of staying healthy.
    Peak aides are happy to accompany clients to medical appointments and assist with occasional local errands.
    PEAK Healthcare makes it possible for family caregivers to take time off worry free. We will handle everything so that you may attend to your own needs without having to feel the stress of getting back to your loved one who is home alone.