About Us

PEAK Healthcare Services is an organization formed to aid families, medical professionals, and individuals in providing the best non-medical home healthcare for those that may require assistance to sustain independence within the home. We are fully trained, certified, and professional caregivers ready to manage those in need of individualized services. Our PEAK administrative team works closely with medical, insurance, and counseling professionals to create a management plan for our clients' healthcare needs.

We accept doctor's referrals, insurance and private pay from our client base. Our administrative team are knowledgeable and willing to assist with any questions regarding fees, payment schedules/rates, and how to acquire the assistance you and your family may seek.

Our client base includes but is not limited to; Patients recovering from surgery, New/Expectant mothers, the Physically disabled, and Pediatrics. All of our clients will have an individualized plan put in place in order to administer the best home healthcare possible by our PEAK professionals in compliance with their medical recommendations given by doctors, nurses, therapists, dieticians/nutritionists and any/all other medical professionals.

Ultimately, PEAK would like to provide a safe, knowledgeable, experienced and nurturing environment for our clients through the assistance of our client-driven healthcare providers. We know we can provide a peace of mind to our clients and their families by being accessible and willing to give special attention to the details needed to sustain a independent and healthy quality of life.

Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress;
Working together is success.


    Respectful standby assistance when required and/or requested. Close monitoring of special occurrences/needs that may require medical attention. We understand that personal hygiene is an essential aspect of staying healthy.
    Peak aides are happy to accompany clients to medical appointments and assist with occasional local errands.
    PEAK Healthcare makes it possible for family caregivers to take time off worry free. We will handle everything so that you may attend to your own needs without having to feel the stress of getting back to your loved one who is home alone.