Frequently Asked Questions

What are home care services?

The term home care services refer to many different services for various levels of need, as defined by the client, family, and health care providers. They can include companion and sitter services such as light housekeeping, reading aloud, meal preparation, and medication reminders. They can also include personal care services such as assistance with hygiene, toileting and bathing. Every service provided is geared towards the happiness and comfort of the client. Just as the name implies, home care is the ability to provide services in the patient's home. Most experts agree that the home is the best environment for healing and maintaining your independence. Patients can benefit from home care by alleviating the need for extended stays in a hospital or a nursing home.

Is home care for all ages?

There is no age range for clients of home health care agencies. Although, senior citizens are the greater portion of our client base, many people who need assistance get home care at any age for themselves, their grandparents, or their infants. It all depends on your needs.

How do I know if I need home care?

The services you receive are generally prescribed by your physician. In most cases, the doctor will recommend home care if they feel you need the service. A nurse is sent from the home care agency, and he/she along with the doctor, the patient, and the Agency, determine what services would benefit the client's needs best. Though all services need a doctor's order, anyone can opt for non-medical services, usually a nursing assistant, for respite care, at any time. The client simply calls the Agency and requests the services needed and we would follow up with your doctor. PEAK offers a competitive pricing program for families who just feel safer knowing someone is in the home with their elderly loved ones when they need assistance with daily activities. This normally helps their loved ones maintain their independence.

I already have a home care service coming to my home but I am unhappy with the service. How do I switch to a new home care service provider?

Anyone can get home care from nearly any home care agency (depending on the insurer). If you are not satisfied with the staff or quality of care you are receiving, you should first try contacting the Agency Administrator and voice your concerns. If you are still not satisfied, you can change agencies with a few phone calls. Contact your doctor and tell him about your request. In most cases, another agency can continue services the very next day. If you need assistance someone can help you at PEAK Healthcare Services (919) 848-0436.

When is it time for home care?

An interdisciplinary team made up of medical professionals, family members, and the patient can evaluate and suggest/prescribe the need for home health care services for each PEAK client. Once that need is determined, the PEAK adminstrative team works as a liason between the team and PEAK professionals to provide a comprehensive health care management plan for our clients.

How to choose a home care service provider?

If you are recovering from surgery or need long-term care for a chronic illness, or you have a loved one facing a similar situation, you may be interested in home care services. Home health care services range from skilled care provided by nurses and/or therapists to household support, such as cleaning, cooking and running errands. Whether you are planning to enlist the help of a home care services agency or hire a personal home health aide, knowing what questions to ask can help ensure that you receive quality assistance.

Can I afford Home Care?

When considering home care, two questions surface more often than not … How much will it cost and are there any other sources of funding available? Home care services can be costly. Some services may be partially covered by private medical and disability insurance policies. However, home health care may have to be financed through personal funds and/or medical assistance programs such as Medicaid.

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    Respectful standby assistance when required and/or requested. Close monitoring of special occurrences/needs that may require medical attention. We understand that personal hygiene is an essential aspect of staying healthy.
    Peak aides are happy to accompany clients to medical appointments and assist with occasional local errands.
    PEAK Healthcare makes it possible for family caregivers to take time off worry free. We will handle everything so that you may attend to your own needs without having to feel the stress of getting back to your loved one who is home alone.